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Black Sand

Black Sand is a manuscript book of Lewis Ellingham’s prose poems from late 2016 to New Year’s 2018, a 292-page, 8.5 x 11-inch format, with cover photography by Larry Ackerman, published in association with Ithuriel’s Spear Press in San Francisco. Most of the poems are a page or two long. Publication is scheduled in February, 2018 at lulu.com, an online for print publisher that has fielded many similar Ellingham books.

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Kevin Killian: Lew Ellingham has found enough twists and turns in old formulae to keep it eternally now, like a heartbeat.  Like a snowflake.  The poems in Black Sand are finely wrought as the filigree of Stevens, as passionate as Dickinson’s dashes and dots.… I can point to Lew Ellingham’s as the kind of career I hope to have, once I wake up and get alert, once I pull myself out of the mire.

Moazzam Sheikh: Lewis Ellingham is our modern day sufi and Black Sand is his sacred book, where every poem is a testament to his engagement with the world around him, the world gone wrong, crumbling right before our eyes, morally and economically, causing humanity suffering.… As always, Ellingham’s poems are ingenious, sober and sensible, rich in history, playful, and touch the heart.

Marilyn Hacker: Ellingham’s keen eye and multiple frames of reference are most often deployed observing and thus bringing to our attention people we might otherwise not see — the indigent, the aged, the half-cracked and the inconsolable — and around them, also clearly in the poet’s frame of vision, the natural world of Northern California, birds, the bay, the sea, birds again, reminding us that all beauty is interconnected, that loss is sometimes redeemed in looking.



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