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Seen, Unseen is a chronological record of manuscripts over a year and a half approximately, spring 2015 to autumn 2016, most of them a page or two in length. All of them have circulated with friends, often with praise, and one of them, loquat (p. 174 in the text), has recently been published in California by a magazine, Catamaran, emphasizing work and authors on the Pacific coast from the Bay Area northward. Though I notice in the issue loquat is published in (#15, autumn 2016) the work and authors seem to be from everywhere. I suggest one read at random with pleasure as a goal.”

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Seen, Unseen

Seen, Unseen is a manuscript book of Lewis Ellingham’s prose poems from June 2015 into October 2016, a 280-page, 8.5 x 11-inch format, with cover photography by Larry Ackerman and Tom Libby, published in association with Ithuriel’s Spear Press in San Francisco. Most of the poems are a page or two long; one, Loquat, appears in Issue #15 of Catamaran Literary Reader (October 2016). Publication is scheduled November 2016 at lulu.com, an online for print publisher that has fielded many similar Ellingham books.

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