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The Sea!

Can I think? Is there is special reason
why this keeps reappearing? why when I
turn my head it is there, a penumbral
shadow? Sitting outside at Maxfield’ s
at the table I’ve been choosing lately —
really the table that has chosen me since
there has been no other available, almost an
arrow from where I place my order, to
where I add half-and-half cream to the
house-blend coffee and stir, then move
toward the door and look to see —
‘Look to see …’ is that it? — ‘Θάλαττα,
θάλαττα, The Sea!’ something from
earlier in life? But it wasn’t there then
or any time before, I never read Xenophon
nor do I know Greek, why? even how?
Exercises: rush my eyes from a place on
the sidewalk, back toward the shadow
hovering above the Dolores Street
crosswalk, the garbage container where
I always throw my paper cup when I
leave the café, but no, just ‘Θάλαττα’
and it’s there, the faces of customers,
the forms of people passing on the
street, blurred, why? I slowly spell
it out ‘th – a – l – a – t – t – a’ just to
shade some space where there is
no thing, just a suggestion. Like, is
the question ‘why?‘ Is there any


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